Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Software are tools that allow you to build and maintain business relationships with prospective and existing customers and clients. CRM Software needs to serve the purpose of managing clients and customers according to certain metrics like targeting ROI, engage with the client and customers etc. The CRM needs to allow you to reach out to specific customers according to the dynamics of the business environment, many times spontaneously (through emails or sms’s). The CRM needs to be able to manage such client lists for you efficiently and quietly. The CRM needs to point out the subtle points of interest.

We at AKSSAI ProjExel provides online Customer relationship management – CRM software in India for managing your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single system.

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management -CRM Software:

·         CRM software helps in providing cross-channel & consistent customer experiences using pre-built business processes.

·         CRM software enhances the marketing operations by integrating with enterprise applications, providing connections throughout the buyer’s journey.

·         It leverages industry-specific best practices for competitive advantage and lower TCO

Types of Customer Relationship Management – CRM Softwares Akssai has developed:

1.    Automated Marketing CRM Software – With Akksai ProjExel CRM software for marketing one can aggregate marketing data, target the right customers, Analyse marketing performance, attribute revenue, and gain better insight into the customer experiences.

2.    Sales Management CRM Software – Akksai ProjExel Sale management CRM software enables you with Sales automation, giving real time insight into pipeline opportunities and sales numbers, drive sales results with powerful analytics.

3.    Ecommerce CRM Software –Akssai ProjExel Ecommerce Customer relationship management (CRM) software drives unparalleled customer engagement delivering personalized targeted digital experiences to all visitors, leveraging the value of each customer and order, cross-sell/upsell, and merchandize to all visitors

4.    Social CRM Software-Get faster, deeper, more accurate insights from social networking websites with Akksai ProjExel Social Customer relationship management software. Get, more targeted and effective content, better service, and real-time collaboration.

5.    Customer Service Management Software –Provide better service at a reduced cost and drive higher sales conversions with Akksai ProjExel Customer Service Management Software features like self-service content, online chat, click-to-call, and virtual assistants.

6.    Configure Price Quote (CPQ) CRM software -Empower your sales teams to efficiently configure, price, and quote (CPQ) complex component of their CRM program. Generate 100% accurate, customer-friendly quotes in minutes with automated CPQ CRM Software and sell more profitably with price, discount, and margin control and by using automated approvals.

Top Factors An Efficient CRM Software should have:

·         The CRM needs to be able to function in your business environment.

·         The CRM should be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with the other business components deployed in your corporate environment.

·         The CRM should be ergonomic. The GUI needs to be such that people can learn to use it competently within a short span of time.

·         Customer Relationship Management solutions need to be secure and safe. The information recorded is often private and personal.

·         The system also needs to offer respectable performance over secure networks every day.

·         The system needs to still be reliable, since denial of service can essentially not be tolerated. But the CRM needs to be fault tolerant.

·         The CRM solution should offer satisfactory performance even in case rich graphics based user interfaces are used.

·         CRM’s also need to be rolled back as quickly as possible in case of inconsistencies and system failures.

·         The Customer Relationship Management solution should also respond positively to modifications demanded by the business environment of an organization.

·         The CRM also needs to be able to display results translated into local languages not in wide circulation. We deliver such solutions.