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Akssai’s Automotive practice gives counsel in such areas as sustainability, auto electrification, enterprise risk management, M&A, and supply chain. 


Akssai Insurance practice gives guidance in such regions as technology, regulation, client experience, the efficiency plan, and different issues. 



Private equity

Akssai Private equity practice provides direction in such regions as managing fund , improving portfolio company performance, and all through deal completion.



Banking and Capital Markets.

Akssai’s Banking & capital markets give direction on retail banking, FinTech, consumer credit, private banking, risk and guideline and that are just the beginning.



Sovereign investment funds 

The Akssai Sovereign investment funds group provides understanding and expert information that can help SWFs in improving execution.



Asset and wealth management 

Akssai Asset management practice gives directions in such areas as market reporting, activities, HR, risk management, regulation, and rebuilding.





Technological developments have changed methods for carrying out tasks within the scope of Work. Akssai helps in your Decision making with Services with Technology to turn vision into Value. We not only provide service, we serve clients with Satisfactions.

Accounting & Taxation

We at Akssai believe in leveraging the diverse range of portfolio to sharpen our niche in delivering the best of Accounting & Taxation services. You have landed on the right page of one of the leading accounting firms. Our business models & Accounting Solutions are designed in such a way that it can add an extra mile in rectifying your daily challenging efforts

Advisory and Consulting Service

We at Aksaai, being an expert accountant, understand the specific processes of your company and its integration with accounting environment. We apply our expertise not only to maximise use of your current system but also to advise on advancement of the same so you can improve on internal control and reduce accounting integration related risk.

Business Analysis

Analysis is one of the imperatives of major corporate decisions. We analyse the organization’s long-term financial strategies. We create extensive and strong financial plans for the betterment of an organization. The analysis includes generating management reports, analysing financial trends, calculation of monetary effects and advising leaders of the company.

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Asset and wealth management

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Asset and wealth management

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