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AKSSAI empowers top industry experts to reimagine work, escape the 9-to-5 grind, Earn upto 30K per Month—all while increasing your earning potential and improving your quality of life.

Accounting Partner Recrutement
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Why join our Accounting Partner Program?

Get Paid Weekly

Get weekly payment directly in your bank account without any wait.

Flexible Working Hours

Choose your work hours according to your convenience.

Accounting Kit

All nessesary accounting equipment and software provided by us

Training and Guidance

Get trainings and guidance from our senior management and video training.


Happy Clients


Partners already on board


Accounting task successfully delivered


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Reimagine your career potential.

Job Near at your Location

Job near by your location for a convenient work-life balance.

Get exciting bonuses

Get bonuses when completed minimum task complition and refer to your friend to become a partner.

Professional Development

Access ongoing training and development opportunities to enhance your skills and stay updated on industry best practices.

Join us with 5 easy steps



We explore your professional background, including industry details, specific skills, qualified experience.



Unique to each area of expertise, our assessments test essential knowledge and proficiency in a given service.



With a variety of role-play exercises, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your ability to effectively handle real-world client.



We will go with a background check is done through our internal team to confirm your experience and other key information.



Once you’ve been accepted, you will receive hands-on guidance from our Success Team to help navigate the platform and work.

Go beyond traditional employment. Apply to be an Accounting Partner.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ's)

This opening is for the position of Junior Accountant, specifically for freshers on part-time basis.
The timings can be flexible according to your preference. During the application you can opt to work any day of the week and even on Sundays or holidays as per your preferences. Depending on the availability of work, you will be assigned the work.
Payment is typically based on the number of hours worked, with additional incentives for doing quality work. The exact amount per hour may vary and is usually specified when tasks are assigned.
The company provides a platform in Finac software where you can track your assigned tasks, progress, and payments. This allows for transparency and easy communication between you and the company.
Payments are typically transferred every 15 days for completed tasks, and the amount is calculated based on the hours worked and the quality of the work.