Accounting Partners FAQ's

We are here to answer your queries and concerns.

This opening is for the position of Junior Accountant, specifically for freshers on part-time basis.
The timings can be flexible according to your preference. During the application you can opt to work any day of the week and even on Sundays or holidays as per your preferences. Depending on the availability of work, you will be assigned the work.
Payment is typically based on the number of hours worked, with additional incentives for doing quality work. The exact amount per hour may vary and is usually specified when tasks are assigned.
The company provides a platform in Finac software where you can track your assigned tasks, progress, and payments. This allows for transparency and easy communication between you and the company.
Payments are typically transferred every 15 days for completed tasks, and the amount is calculated based on the hours worked and the quality of the work.
No, there’s no long-term commitment required. You can exit the position with prior intimation in the software, allowing for flexibility.
The process usually takes around 1 week to complete, with the possibility of being assigned to a client within 10-12 days.
Yes, you can specify your preferred location, and efforts will be made to assign clients accordingly, typically within your locality in your city.
No, freshers can also apply for the position.
Interviews are primarily conducted in-person at the AKSSAI branch office or occasionally via online video conferencing.
After submitting your application online, the recruitment team will reach out to you for further steps in the process, including assessment, interview, verification, and onboarding.
You can reach out to the HR Recruiter (contact details you will receive after your application), for any additional queries or assistance.
AKSSAI is not committing that you will receive the work. However, all efforts are made to provide you work as per your desired available hours. If you haven’t been assigned a task within the designated time frame, you can reach out to the company for clarification.
Yes, if you find the part-time position suitable and wish to transition to full-time, you can discuss it with the AKSSAI team, and they may offer you full-time opportunities based on your performance.
You can apply for the position by filling out the application form in the link above. Once submitted, the HR team will guide you through the rest of the process.
Yes, you can mention your preferred working hours in the application form, and the company will try to match your availability with the tasks during that selected time.
Typically, our team contacts applicants within a 1-3 working days of receiving their applications to proceed with the assessment and interview process.
This is NOT a REMOTE JOB. You will have to visit our clients’ offices or AKSSAI branch office to do the accounting entries work.
You will undergo training sessions to familiarize yourself with the FINAC software and company’s processes. Additionally, a senior team member may accompany you on initial client visits to provide guidance and support.
The company understands that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and they usually accommodate reasonable leave requests with prior notice. However, frequent or prolonged absences may affect task assignments and payments.
While the primary focus is on providing flexible part-time work, the company may offer incentives or bonuses based on exceptional performance or meeting specific tasks.
Yes, we encourage referrals, and you can refer friends or acquaintances who may be interested in similar opportunities.
The company takes data security and confidentiality seriously, and strict measures are in place to safeguard sensitive information. You will be required to adhere to confidentiality agreements and follow established protocols to protect client data.