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We developed AI-powered accounting software for bookkeeping and accurate compliant financial reporting. Our advanced invoicing, tax preparation, and reporting workflows streamline your financial processes.

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Akssai aims to capitalize on the benefits of opening GCCs and tapping into India’s vast talent pool. With our current presence in 13+ cities, we have plans to expand to over 200 offices nationwide within the next two years.

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AKSSAI's AI-Powered Services

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Accounting & Payroll

Efficient accounting and payroll consultation tailored to meet your business needs.


Specialized tax advice for complex financial situations and investments.


Personalized solutions to address legal challenges effectively resulting in client satisfaction.

Business Registration

Simplified & reliable business registration services for all types of businesses.


Customized advisory services for strategic planning and business growth.

Merger & Acquisition

End-to-end recruitment services to meet your office workforce requirements.

Learning is a lifelong journey that offers endless
opportunities for growth and development.


AI Integrated All-in-One Expert Solution for Your Business Need.





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Akssai leverages technological advancements to enhance decision-making and transform vision into tangible value. We prioritize client satisfaction, going beyond service to deliver exceptional results.

Accounting & Taxation

As a top accounting firm with a diverese portfolio, our models and solutions empower you to overcome daily challenges, providing unparalleled rectification and added value.

Advisory and Consulting Service

We're expert accountants who understand your company's processes and accounting integration. We optimize your system, advise on advancements, and reduce integration risks for improved internal control.

Business Analysis

We analyze financial strategies, generate reports, calculate monetary effects and advise leaders for improved decision-making, creating strong financial plans for organizations.


Who we are and what we do

Akssai's expert team, comprising experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds, leverages their extensive industry knowledge to solve various business issues. With extensive backgrounds in MNCs, Big4s, and Government companies, our team possesses invaluable insights to navigate through challenging scenarios.

Our combined talent pool excels in providing solutions for a wide range of business domains, including finance, IT, tax, legal matters, compliances, licensing, advisory, HR, and more. Over the years, we have successfully assisted numerous foreign companies in entering the Indian markets. Our purpose is to provide simple, seamless and efficient solutions to help businesses of all sizes grow and thrive.

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Always up-to-date

AKSSAI AI-powered rules engine uses proprietary financial models, and connects to hundreds of third-party & govt. data sources, and stays up-to-date with compliance requirements across the globe.


Smart, configurable reporting

Share updates with stakeholders, get audit-ready outputs, and quickly produce reports for clients. Technology implementation to help businesses overcome complexities and achieve sustainable success.


Productive, happy

AKSSAI automation and AI frees accounting teams from their most tedious tasks. Spend more time on strategic projects, reduce time-to-close, and retain the best talent with a platform that’s easy to love.

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