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Foreign Client Desk

At AKSSAI, we take pride in being a global accounting, tax, and financial consulting company with a seamless network that spans the world. Our firm operates under consistent operating principles and quality standards, ensuring that our local resources are well-versed in our services, both within the country and internationally. Whether you’re navigating local or international legal practices, our global organization provides the support you need.

Exceptional Client Service, Delivered Across the World

Our commitment is to lead in delivering exceptional accounting and financial services worldwide. We don’t aim to reinvent the wheel, but rather, to consistently provide our services with efficiency and high quality across all our offices, countries, and territories. Objectivity and independence define our approach to client issues, fostering relationships built on trust.

Our Foreign Client Desk Services

At AKSSAI Foreign Client Desk, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet your startup’s legal, financial, and operational needs. Our expert counsel covers a wide range of areas, ensuring that you receive dedicated support at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

Global Compliance Expertise

Specialized knowledge in international accounting standards, tax regulations, and legal frameworks to ensure compliance across various jurisdictions.

Multinational Payroll Management

Efficient handling of payroll services for multinational companies, ensuring compliance with diverse payroll regulations and timely disbursement of salaries.
Expert legal counsel on international business transactions, contract negotiations, and regulatory compliance, addressing legal challenges in various jurisdictions.

Cultural Sensitivity and Communication

Understanding the cultural nuances of different regions to facilitate effective communication and collaboration between foreign clients and local authorities.

Continual Regulatory Monitoring

Regular monitoring of changes in tax laws, accounting standards, and legal requirements across various jurisdictions to keep clients informed and compliant.

Cross-Border Tax Planning

Tax planning strategies to optimize the tax position of foreign clients, taking into account local and international tax laws.

International Accounting Services

International accounting solutions that align with global accounting standards, providing accurate financial reporting for better decision-making.

Risk Mitigation Strategies

Proactive identification and management of legal and financial risks associated with international operations, protecting the interests of foreign clients.

Technology-driven Solutions

Proactive identification and management of legal and financial risks associated with international operations, protecting the interests of foreign clients.

Our Process: Tailored Solutions for
Your International Unique Needs

Whether you’re in the pre-incorporation stage, seeking investment, or planning international expansion, AKSSAI offers a personalized approach to meet your specific requirements.

Global Commitment

When it comes to exceptional accounting and financial services, we deliver on our promises globally. AKSSAI is known for its agility and responsiveness, ensuring access to the best group of CA, ACCA, CPA and qualified financial experts from our national and international network. Our innovative approach enables us to tackle unforeseen challenges effectively.

Our Human Network

With one of the largest human professional networks, our legal experts are ready to support clients at any time. We go beyond traditional service boundaries by defining ongoing communication strategies and combining them with a holistic view of law, technology, and services. This enables our clients to prosper today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Explore Your Region

AKSSAI assists organizations in conducting business and complying with laws globally. Regardless of your business’s location, we support growth across new jurisdictions, clients, and services. Our extensive network includes India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Taiwan, and more.

Our Program for Global Success

We design and deliver tailored programs that blend the best service thinking, behavioral science, and problem-solving techniques. Our approach provides an experience that allows our team the intellectual space needed to surface innovative ideas. Connecting our clients quickly with an international network of high-quality and qualified financial experts, we bring added value through tailored solutions.

At AKSSAI, your success knows no boundaries. Explore the world of financial possibilities with us.

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