IoT services

1. Consulting services

Akssai’s approach all the time begins with understanding your required enterprise outcomes. Our Consulting services assist you through the labyrinth of technology, requirements, safety, and finest practices that exist within the IoT spectrum. We interact carefully with you to give you the very best suggestions, roadmaps, and plans.

  • Consult and perceive enterprise success parameters
  • Sketch potential solutions with enterprise value as an important parameter
  • Deliver roadmap, motion plans with necessities, specifications, path to product & use of appropriate platforms that meet your needs in an agile process.

2. Device Engineering Services

We specialize in connectivity, safety, system administration, AI at the edge, and complete software programs for IoT end factors and gateways. We assist you with a variety of services together with a reusable toolkit, custom embedded software program, and validation & testing services to speed up your product/resolution design and growth.

3. Cloud and Mobility Services

Akssai makes a specialty of services for device management, data modelling, and cloud connectors for managing your hardware. Our providers right here cover a number of cloud distributors, any IoT platform of your selection, migration between cloud distributors, data modelling, customizations and integration with enterprise services.

4. Analytics Services

Akssai works together with your platform of selection or to develop a custom primarily based resolution to generate actionable insights. Our capabilities embrace customizing your models, creating new models, and data integration to your analytics techniques.

5. Integration & Support Services

Constructing IoT solutions usually includes bringing collectively a heterogeneous mixture of IoT endpoints and integration with platforms, back-end methods, and data. Making certain interoperability, excessive availability, scalability, and safety is paramount and each vertical resolution presents itself with its personal challenges. However, the true worth of an IoT resolution lies in its data and the insights it offers to finally enhance enterprise processes. Akssai works with you for not only growing sensible devices but actually integrating them with bigger enterprise processes and systems.

6. IoT Device Middleware Framework

IoT Device middleware framework offers connectivity, safety, and value-added options important for IoT system and gateway improvement and simply scales as per system requirement – from extremely low power, constrained devices to full-service IoT gateways.

It’s a production prepared software program framework that allows the speedy transformation of your conventional products to smart-connected products. Built on open customary technologies, it reduces technology dangers and future proof investments for OEMs and end-users while addressing the challenges of securely managing devices in heterogeneous environments.

7. Device Management Framework

As the variety of devices deployed within the area grows, so does the complexity of managing them.System device management framework allows converged management of heterogeneous devices within the area.

It offers reusable parts that can allow provisioning, registration, commissioning, and FOTA of heterogeneous devices. It has multi safety modes and can even support Low Throughput Community like LoRa, Sigfox, etc. to offer unified system management.

8. Multi-Cloud Framework

Multi-cloud connectivity framework allows seamless & safe information routing to any cloud, even to a number of clouds concurrently. Having the ability to have IoT devices connect to cloud platforms is vital for any IoT resolution improvement.

It’s a safe and extremely accessible framework that can route any messages to any cloud, and even to a number of clouds concurrently. It offers effectively-outlined safe APIs to develop cloud adapters and could be deployed on private, public, or hybrid cloud.

9. Multi-Vendor Integration and Interoperability Framework (MVIIF)

Multi-Vendor Integration & Interoperability Framework (MVIIF) offers seamless communication between devices and functions throughout:

  • Completely different communication requirements e.g. OCF v/s Apple House Equipment
  • Customized implementations of the identical communication standard.

10. Edge Analytics Framework (EAF)

The Edge Analytics Framework (EAF) handles advanced workflow situations and facilitates native choice making on the IoT end nodes & gateways. Its structure allows lowered transmission bandwidth necessities between the field networks and cloud functions.

EAF can be utilized to configure guidelines on native rule engines for edge computing e.g. one-pass or multi-pass algorithms for information compression or function extraction. It can be used to undertake native choice-making in absence of cloud connectivity as well as to regulate the data transmission responsibility cycle of power-constrained sensors.