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The Internet of Things (IoT) serves as a crucial link between the physical and digital realms
The Internet of Things (IoT) serves as a crucial link between the physical and digital realms. By connecting various devices to the Internet through embedded software and sensors, it enables seamless communication, data collection, and exchange among these devices. Embracing IoT presents a vast opportunity for an organization, as smart-connected devices empower you with valuable information, facilitating smarter decision-making.
IoT generates valuable data for data-driven decision-making. It optimizes operations, leading to cost savings through predictive maintenance. IoT services provide personalized customer experiences, improving products and services based on data analysis and automation.

How we help you with IOT Services

Akssai offers comprehensive IoT services to help businesses achieve their goals.

  1. Consulting Services: At Akssai, we prioritize understanding your business goals to provide the best possible IoT solutions. Our Consulting services guide you through the intricacies of technology, security, and industry best practices within the IoT spectrum. By closely collaborating with you, we deliver personalized recommendations, roadmaps, and action plans. Consult and comprehend your enterprise success parameters. Design potential solutions with a focus on delivering business value. Provide a roadmap and agile action plans with requirements, specifications, and suitable platforms to meet your needs. 
  3. Device Engineering Services: Specializing in connectivity, security, system management, and AI at the edge, we offer comprehensive software solutions for IoT endpoints and gateways. Our services include a reusable toolkit, custom embedded software, and validation & testing services to accelerate your product design and development. 
  5. Cloud and Mobility Services: Akssai excels in device management, data modeling, and cloud connectors for seamless hardware management. Our services cover multiple cloud vendors and IoT platforms of your choice, offering migration between cloud providers, data modeling, customizations, and integration with enterprise services. 
  7. Analytics Services: Akssai collaborates with your chosen platform or develops custom solutions to generate actionable insights. Our capabilities include customizing and creating new models, as well as integrating data with your analytics systems. 
  9. Integration & Support Services: Integrating diverse IoT endpoints, platforms, and back-end systems requires expertise to ensure interoperability, scalability, and security. Akssai not only develops smart devices but also integrates them into larger business processes and systems, leveraging the true value of IoT solutions and their data-driven insights. 
  11. IoT Device Middleware Framework: Our IoT Device middleware framework offers connectivity, security, and value-added features essential for IoT device and gateway development. It is built on open standard technologies, reducing technology risks, and future-proofing investments for OEMs and end-users, while securely managing devices in various environments. 
  13. Device Management Framework: As the number of deployed devices grows, managing them becomes complex. Our device management framework enables converged management of heterogeneous devices in the field. It provides reusable components for provisioning, registration, commissioning, and FOTA of diverse devices, supporting Low Throughput Networks like LoRa and Sigfox for unified system management. 
  15. Multi-Cloud Framework: Seamless and secure data routing to any cloud, even multiple clouds simultaneously, is critical for IoT solutions. Our multi-cloud connectivity framework offers secure APIs to develop cloud adapters and can be deployed on private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. 
  17. Multi-Vendor Integration and Interoperability Framework (MVIIF): The MVIIF ensures seamless communication between devices and applications across different communication standards, custom implementations, and vendor-specific protocols. 
  19. Edge Analytics Framework (EAF): The EAF facilitates local decision-making on IoT end nodes & gateways, reducing transmission bandwidth requirements between field networks and cloud applications. It enables configuring rules on local rule engines for edge computing and supports local decision-making even without cloud connectivity, optimizing data transmission for power-constrained sensors.

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