Business Registrations in India

To become a fully operational company in India, complying with various registration requirements is crucial, including Customs, Direct & Indirect Taxes, Labor Laws, and Manufacturing-related registrations.
Particular attention must be paid to labelling requirements for manufacturing and importing goods, especially for consumer, medical, and pharmaceutical products. Failure to conform to Indian labelling and registration regulations can result in hefty penalties and, in extreme cases, a complete halt of your Indian business operations.
Indian bureaucracy is renowned worldwide for its complexities. While certain government departments have streamlined their processes through IT-enabled filings in recent years, the vast number of national and state-level ministries, institutions, and regulations make it challenging for individuals to keep track of the numerous changes and updates in registration requirements and compliance rules in India.
Moreover, international companies dealing with Cross-Border Transactions face additional complications, further hindering the efficient execution of any business transaction in India. Navigating this intricate landscape requires professional expertise to stay compliant and conduct business smoothly.

How we help you with Business Registrations in India

At Akssai, we specialize in assisting companies in managing the intricacies of Indian bureaucracy, providing comprehensive support to handle registration requirements, compliance updates, and Cross-Border Transactions, allowing businesses to operate seamlessly in the Indian market.

We provide expert guidance on the specific areas of your business that require prior registration in India. We ensure a smooth and cost-effective navigation of the registration process and handle ongoing filing and updates efficiently to keep your business compliant and thriving.

For nearly a decade, Akssai has been successfully managing the back offices of numerous international firms in India. Our extensive experience enables us to expertly handle your registrations and resolve any issues that may arise from non-compliance.

We are well-versed in identifying potential areas of risk for international companies in India, and from the outset, we proactively guide you through the registration requirements to avoid complications in manufacturing, sales, and service operations. In India, every business is personal, and our dedicated experts are deeply connected with the relevant ministries and government institutions.

This close relationship allows us to swiftly navigate any challenges and know precisely whom to contact to resolve issues efficiently. With Akssai by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the Indian business landscape with confidence and focus on your core operations.

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