Civil Contract Management

Akssai ProjExel identifies and mitigates legal and commercial risks, ensuring the smooth progress of your projects
We are skilled in negotiating with government authorities or other parties to resolve disputes related to contract amount, time duration, materials, measurements, and more. Our expertise extends to dealing with old court cases and legal issues that may arise during the project.

We have experience in handling government department circular issues and rule changes, ensuring your project remains compliant with evolving regulations and requirements.

Experience Records with Top Govt. Development Agencies

Madhya Pradesh Rajya Setu Nirman, Nigam Ltd.

Design and Planning of major medium bridges
Duration: Sep 1980 to March 1984

Madhya Pradesh PWD

Maintenance of residential and non-residential building, construction of MP High Court, Gwalior Bunglow, Diet building, I.G. Office and Additional Charge of MP Bhawan, New Delhi
Duration: July 1996 to Jan 1998

Madhya Pradesh MPRRDA

Construction, Planning of rural roads in Chhindwara District
Duration: March 2004 to Aug 2007

MPRDC, Gwalior

Construction, Planning and Maintenance of Road, Length and Cost
Duration: July 1996 to Jan 1998

MPRDC, Jabalpur

Monitoring, Planning and Construction of roads NH, MDR, SH under variation scheme
Duration: April 2011 to April 2014

MPRDC, Bhopal

Incharge of Building Work, National Highways, ADB Projects, ADB Projects, Procurement, Construction and Monitoring of PPP, Regular Contract
Duration: April 2014 to 31 July 2021

Civil Contract Management

How we help you with Civil Contract Management

Akssai ProjExel is specialized in the supervision of extended civil contracts, which include a wide range of projects such as government buildings, private developments, roads, highways, expressways, and bridges, often exceeding Rs 100 crores in contract value.

During the lifecycle of these contracts, we work closely with the government and other contracting parties to draw detailed agreements. Long-term contracts often involve several agreements, including project specifications, material quality, safety guidelines, and timeframes. We help our clients ensure compliance with these agreements throughout the project’s lifecycle.

In cases of delays or disputes, our experienced team can help demonstrate that the work has been completed according to the terms of the agreement and within the stipulated time frame.

Akssai is committed to providing its clients with a sense of security and assurance, knowing that we can expertly handle and resolve any disputes that may arise, protecting the original terms and conditions of the civil contract and saving them from heavy losses or defamation.

Dispute Resolution

  • Akssai has vast experience in representing both Indian and multinational corporations in disputes across sectors, including construction, trade, joint ventures, and M&A.
  • We handled cases at all levels of Indian courts, from District Courts to High Courts and the Supreme Court, as well as statutory and regulatory tribunals.
  • In addition, we handle arbitration cases, both ad hoc and institutional, within and outside India, under various arbitration rules. We collaborate with specialized experts when necessary to ensure a successful resolution.

Technical Advisory

  • Our technical advisory services are tailored to the infrastructure and construction sector. We provide support from the initial drafting of tenders and project documents to resolving project-related disputes.
  • Our team assists in project development, contract administration, and dispute resolution, ensuring that your project runs smoothly and in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • We have a proven track record in advising clients engaged in various construction projects, including roadways, bridge construction, residential and non-residential building development.

Why Choose Akssai ProjExel for Civil Contract Management?

Our deep industry knowledge, legal expertise, and experience in handling large infrastructure projects make us the ideal partner for managing civil contracts. Our services encompass every aspect of contract management, from inception to completion.
Akssai ProjExel identifies and mitigates legal and commercial risks, ensuring the smooth progress of your projects.

Ashutosh Mishra

Director - Civil Contract Management
BE (CIVIL), ME(CTM) & life member IRC. Expert in PPP projects(HAM, TOLL,TOLL +ANNUITY &ANNUITY), EPC & Cash contract. During Govt job, as Chief Engineer, constructed road from PMGSY to National Highways, Building work from School buildings to Medical college buildings.

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