Civil Contract Management

Contract Management often remains undervalued until disputes erupt, causing financial losses.
Contract Management often remains undervalued until disputes erupt, causing financial losses. A well-written contract is a shield against disputes and a roadmap for seamless project execution. A Construction Contract, not only has parties’ obligations defined, but also the various terms, costs, and schedules. With experts overseeing these agreements, they become strong defences against issues, ensuring things run smoothly.

How we help you with Civil Contract Management

Enter AKSSAI with expertise in contract administration. Our meticulous approach encompasses continuous evaluation, site condition scrutiny, scope adjustments, compliance checks, and risk minimization. We document every facet of the contract, making a strong case for claims and counterclaims.

At AKSSAI, we recognize the significance of Contract Management. Our commitment lies in securing projects from delays and losses while ensuring all stakeholders enjoy financial stability.

➤ Review and monitor projects, ensuring scope adherence.
➤ Assess site conditions and track variations. 
➤ I densify scope changes causing delays and document them. 
➤ Monitor owner actions causing potential claims. 
➤ Ensure client compliance to prevent delays. 
➤ Routine audits, we assure contract compliance. 
➤ Identify risks and take mitigating steps. 
➤ Document and vet claim communication. 
➤ Evaluate records to contest counterclaims. 
➤ Archive crucial documents digitally for retrieval.

Dispute Resolution Services

Effective Solutions for Conflict Resolution

We understand that disputes and conflicts can arise in various aspects of life and business. We are dedicated to providing efficient, fair, and cost-effective dispute resolution services to help individuals, organizations, and parties find amicable solutions without the need for lengthy court battles. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in various dispute resolution methods to suit your unique needs.

  1. Mediation
    • Skilled mediators facilitate constructive dialogues.
    • Create a safe and confidential environment for amicable settlements.
  2. Arbitration
    • Neutral arbitrators provide binding decisions.
    • Ensuring fair and impartial resolutions through thorough analysis.
  3. Negotiation
    • Expert assistance in direct negotiations.
    • Help parties reach settlements aligned with their interests.
  4. Collaborative Law
    • Promote collaborative problem-solving.
    • Work closely with parties and legal representatives to prioritize cooperation.
  5. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)
    • Utilize cutting-edge technology for convenient and accessible dispute resolution.
    • Ideal for parties separated by geography.
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