Accounting, payroll, and company secretary services are essential aspects of business management
Accounting, payroll, and company secretary services are essential aspects of business management and compliance that help companies operate efficiently and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements. These services are handled by specialized firms or professionals to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and compliance while allowing their internal teams to focus on core business activities.
When foreign companies enter the Indian market, they often face significant challenges in establishing stable management and navigating bureaucratic procedures while trying to align their business practices and culture with India’s.
To avoid compliance issues, it is crucial to have well-established systems in place right from the beginning. However, new entrants may find it impractical to allocate senior managers to handle administrative tasks such as accounting, payroll, and company secretary work.


Akssai’s primary objective is to support our clients in focusing on their sales and brand building efforts, while we take care of all the routine day-to-day tasks

Administration goes beyond cost-cutting; it can serve as a significant catalyst to enhance business value.

  • 1. Accounting & Taxation
  •      a) Accounts Receivables &Payable
  •      b) Accounting as per GAAP / IFRS
  •      c) Financial Statement Preparation: BS, P&L
  •      d) Direct & Indirect Taxes
  •      e) Withholding Tax Transfer
  •      f) Pricing Tax or Statutory Audits

2. Payroll & HR Admin
     a) Payroll Processing
     b) Employment Contract
     c) Salary Structuring for Domestic & Foreign Employees
     d) Payroll-related Statutory Compliances
     e) Personal Taxation
     f) HR Admin policies, attendance & leave

3. Company Secretary
     a) Maintenance of Statutory Records
     b) Filing Annual Returns & Audits
     c) Mandatory Compliances
     d) Event-based Compliances

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