Transportation and logistics

The transportation and logistics industry is standing up to huge change: digital transformation, new market participants, changing client desires, and new developing business models. On the off chance that you want to stay serious, right now is an ideal opportunity for activity. 

How AKSSAI ProjExel can help: Transportation and logistics​

Our specialists offer bits of knowledge, direction, and answers to addressing the mind-boggling requirements of this segment. In excess of 1000 individuals at Akssai are had practical experience in the transportation and logistics industry and its sub-divisions. 

  • Carriers and air terminals 
  • Logistics and post 
  • Rail and streets 
  • Delivery and ports 

What does the future hold for the transportation and logistics industry?

By what means will business models be disturbed? Who’s driving change? What are the chances? What are the key innovations? Discover.

Transportation and logistics - AKSSAI ProjExel