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Protecting Your Business Legacy:
How Finac by AKSSAI Projexel Helped A Family Bounce Back from Tragedy?

In an ever-evolving business landscape, businesses must embrace modern tools and strategies to safeguard their future. A tragic incident can disrupt operations and leave companies in a state of chaos. Therefore, it is critical to secure a business’s financial data and operations. And in that journey, Akssai stands ready to be the partner that ensures your business survives and thrives, no matter what challenges lie ahead.

Akssai is fully committed to nurturing and propelling businesses to their fullest potential. To do so it is essential to understand that every business, whether big or small, has unique needs, and Akssai works tirelessly to ensure each one reaches new heights.

"Our aim has always been to help businesses thrive by supporting them through and through. When we onboard a business, we become a part of their journey, and their success becomes our success,"

A business in chaos looks for a solution

This case study unveils how one of our clients faced an unimaginable challenge – the untimely death of its owner. This unfortunate event plunged the organization into chaos, with no one knowing how to manage the business, access accounts, or secure crucial financial data.

This is when Finac, Akssai’s accounting software proved to be an invaluable help as it not only salvaged the situation but also transformed the way the company managed finances and secured its future.

With the unexpected death of the owner, no one had a comprehensive understanding of the company’s financial affairs. Critical information such as account details, passwords, and financial data were scattered across various devices and locations, leaving the future of business bleak. No one knew where to start, and confusion reigned supreme. The legacy built with so much love and effort was at risk of crumbling.
“We were lost. We didn’t even know where to find important documents or access critical data. It was overwhelming,” admits a long-time employee of the organization.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, someone remembered that the deceased businessman used software to manage his business – Finac, the accounting software by Akssai ProjExel. Without hesitation, the family reached out to Akssai’s support team, with the hope that this software could be the answer to their prayers.

“We needed help, and we needed it fast. We couldn’t let our father’s life’s work go to waste.” says the daughter of the late businessman.

Akssai's Quick Solution

The Akssai team, understanding the urgency of the situation, worked tirelessly to verify the family members, ensuring that the business’s sensitive information remained secure.
“I can’t express the relief we felt when Akssai responded. Their support team understood our problem and quickly sprang into action.” — Says one of the family members
With remarkable efficiency, Finac restored the business data from its cloud platform. Every crucial document, data, investment details, IDs passwords of important accounts and much more was stored, organised and secured with the help of File Manager and Password Manager features.
To safeguard sensitive financial information, Finac securely stores all data in the cloud. This ensures that critical financial data is protected from loss, or unforeseen situations, providing peace of mind to the company’s stakeholders.
How Finac by Akssai File Manager
Finac ID Password Manager
Finac’s password management feature allows businesses to securely store, manage and access credentials (IDs and passwords) for various accounts.

Password manager is a significant feature, as it prevents the loss of important passwords and ensures uninterrupted access to essential financial information anytime by anyone.

Akssai helps in saving a business’s legacy

With Akssai’s help, the legacy didn’t perish with the leader who had built it. The family, who could now manage the business effectively, was grateful to Akssai for stepping in and saving the day. 
“Our business, our legacy, has been given a second chance at life.”
a business partner says with a smile.

Finac allows businesses to consolidate all their financial data in one secure location. This eliminates the chaos caused by scattered records and provides real-time visibility into the company’s finances. It streamlines accounting operations by automating many repetitive tasks, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

"Finac with its 150+ industry-first features help businesses organise and manage their work, leading to productivity and profitability.”

Secure Your Legacy Today With Akssai

The story of this family’s ordeal serves as a stark reminder. If you’re still managing your business the old-fashioned way, it’s time to act before it’s too late. Protect your data, documents, IDs and passwords from getting lost. 

"We learned the hard way that modernizing your business operations is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. Don't wait for a crisis to strike. Secure your legacy today with Finac by Akssai ProjExel,” The daughter emphasizes.

As a closing thought, a representative from Akssai urged, "Don't wait until crisis strikes. Take the necessary steps now because the unthinkable can happen anytime. Reach out to Akssai today, and let us help you manage your business systematically. With our expertise, your business can not only survive but thrive."

The story of this family’s journey from despair to hope, from chaos to order, is a testament to the impact of Finac by Akssai. It serves as a shining example of how a reliable accounting solution can provide the much-needed structure and security in times of crisis. Thanks to Akssai’s support and cutting-edge software, a legacy was saved and strengthened, ensuring that the business would thrive for generations to come.

to make your business more organised, successful and profitable

Don't wait for a crisis; secure your legacy today with Finac by Akssai ProjExel.

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