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In India, the entire Amazon seller must apply for GST registration. Amazon is a giant online selling platform, and it is a common platform for both sellers and buyers. As from the whole world, buyers are purchasing the product from Amazon, and therefore it is easier for Amazon to deliver products across the globe.

It gives a powerful platform to the seller to step into the online market and has the chance to target a large scale of audience. But for that, the seller must become a certified seller partner on Amazon after getting GST registration.

Which Amazon Seller is required to register for GST?

It is stated in the GST law those people who are doing online business are required to pay GST each month. GST regulations never set the slab rate. If you are 10k or million, you have to pay GST.

Amazon provides a GSTIN number for doing business for those selling on Amazon. But the exemption is provided to those whose products are exempt from the tax.

Why is GST Registration Compulsory for Amazon Seller?

Each seller is paying GST taxes by selling products and services. It is an indirect form of taxation in which the seller collects tax from the buyer and delivers it to the government. In India, GST is introduced as a single form of tax, and its registration serves as the foundation for all tax lines like VAT, central, excise, and service tax. So Amazon sellers are also counted in the list, and they are allowed to do online business if they are complying with the GST regulations.

Procedure to Register for GST

Thanks to the GST portal, the registration process is quite simple and easy. You can quickly fill in the details in this portal and process the form online. Initially, you get a temporary registration number (TRN) using contact number, email, and the company’s permanent bank details. The seller can use this TRN number for login to initiate the process, and the seller has 15 days to submit the GST application before your TRN expires.

For making your form filling process more accessible, the GST seller is ready with additional information like:

  • Residence Proof: For amazon sellers, it required a home address and other documents, including electricity bills, property tax, deeds, rent agreement, and municipal khata copies.
  • Product list: The list should include all the things that sellers are selling on Amazon.
  • Bank Account Number: Account details should be Indian accounts.

Why Create GST Compliant Invoices for Amazon Sales

Many people do not know that GST affects how you invoice your Amazon customers. Amazon seller required two types of invoices:

Taxable Invoice’

This invoice includes the taxes applied to your buyer and other GST information.

Bill of Supply

Use this invoice while shipping GST-exempt products.

If any seller’s product listing fall in an easy ship or self-ship, you can use a convenient invoicing tool. This tool helps the seller automatically generate a GST compliance invoice and add the correct GSR rate in the product category. However, this option is suitable for casual sellers. But if the seller is running a full-fledged business, then use Quick books software. This software makes record keeping easier. And in the future, if you reconcile the transactions, you can download them from Seller central.

How Accounting Filing made Easy for Amazon Sellers?

E-Commerce platforms are an indispensable part of each human life. Many people are scrolling e-commerce platforms for shopping every day in India. With the increasing use of smartphones, the entry of global players like Amazon has fuelled the growth of e-commerce.

But besides only selling, the Amazon seller should also comply with its accounting and tax management. But due to rapid changes in the tax law in India, it is difficult for the Amazon seller to calculate and fill it.

Therefore consider how complex accounting and tax filing can go a long way in business. But worry not various software is available for the help of Amazon sellers for managing accounting and taxes.

Tax Compliance

  • Calculate GST easy within minutes
  • File GST returns quickly and always ready for tax all year long
  • Get a thorough understanding of tax reports

Easy Stock Management

  • Add products to the account and continuously track the product
  • Set pre-order and order on time, so stock never runs out of stock.
  • Create a prize list to make customized prices for new customers

Effortless Reconciliation

  • Get bank account feed automatically and quickly reconcile in minutes.
  • Easily manage millions of transactions with bulk action accounting
  • Avoid manual data entry by setting the bank account rules and putting categorization on autopilot.


Significant Reports

  • Get helpful information about your financials and make a good business plan for future growth.
  • For an understanding of tax, reports generate tax reports
  • Use reporting tags with products and use them to run filtered reports.

Where to Look for Reliable Approach to Calculate GST for Amazon Account?

If you have not considered any company to manage your GST account for Amazon, then consult our company. We can bring simplicity to your online sales and streamline your account management. Selling on Amazon is convenient and inexpensive.


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