Fixed Assets Register: How to Prepare FAR? The Complete Guide

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Key Highlights

1. Finac’s Fixed Assets Register (FAR) provides a detailed log of the organization’s fixed assets, ensuring a systematic approach to tracking and managing them. 

2. It helps avoid unnecessary purchases by maximizing the use of existing assets and promoting cost efficiency within the organization. 

3. Finac’s Fixed Assets Register supports legal compliance by maintaining essential records and helping organizations meet regulatory requirements and standards. 

4. The register simplifies the audit process by keeping track of key asset details, facilitating smoother auditing, and ensuring accountability. 


Overview of the Finac Fixed Assets Register (FAR) Module 

Finac Fixed Assets Register is an essential module for business owners managing a diverse range of assets, including machinery, vehicles, current stock, and cash, vital for producing goods and services. It ensures meticulous documentation of critical details like purchase information, depreciation rates, maintenance costs, and servicing dates, preventing potential losses due to inadequate asset tracking. 

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